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Quite an amazing 9ct gold charm bracelet with no less than 45 interesting charms - some Victorian - one possibly Georgian.


Predominately 9ct gold but with some higher grade items.


Overall weight is 93.7g.


Because the bracelet is laden with so many charms it has not been entirely straightforward to photograph or describe !


You will appreciate that some marks are exceptionally small and some non-distinctive. Our photographer has done a fantastic job so you should be well able to see the quality and detail of this item. Where we cannot be sure, we have described the charm as unmarked but it is entirely possible that we may have missed the odd mark. Some charms will be unmarked because they are antique, others because they are too small.


Our following description, has been compiled as honestly as we can. Where we are uncertain, we have drawn your attention and do make sure that you check out Mr. Punch! :-


The bracelet itself is fully hallmarked for 9ct gold with London marks and date letter "C" - quite possibly 1958 or maybe 1938. It has a good safe ring bolt clip and safety chain.


Here we go with the long list of charms and their marks :-

1. Maple leaf - 10k

2. Beaver - 10k

3. Tambourine and Guitar - indistinctly marked on loop

4. Bell - 9k


6. Binoculars - indistinct mark

7. Heart - 9c

8. Fox - 9c

9. Golf bag and clubs - 9c

10. Hot water bottle - 9c

11. "London" souvenir book - 9c

12. Heart/Cross/Anchor (as a group) - 10c

13. Mourning locket - unmarked

14. St. Christopher - unmarked

15. Cuckoo clock - unmarked

16. Tassle - unmarked

17. Holy Bible - 9ct

18. Post box - 9ct

19. "21" birthday pendant - 9ct

20. City Hall Toronto - indistinctly marked

21. Mourning locket - unmarked SMALL REPAIR

22. Windmill - unmarked

23.Emergency ten shillings - 9ct

24. Dutch clog - 14ct (585)

25. Repousse ball - unmarked

26. Drum - 9ct

27. Lamp - 9ct

28. Speedboat - 18ct (750) marked on ring

29. Stag - 14ct (585)

30. Kettle - 9ct

31. Saxaphone - 9ct

32. Scissors - 9ct

33. Decorative circular pendant - 10k

34. Sedan chair - 14k

35. Steel drum - 10k

36. Tennis racket - unmarked

37. Lidded tankard - 10k

38. Fish - 800 - note : maybe Continental silver gilt

39. Antique seal - unmarked

40. Bottle of Rum - unmarked

41. Cupid - 9ct

42. Tobago (1) - 14k

43. Tobago (2) - 14k

44. Pig - 9ct

45. Boat with sail - 14k


Well, there we are! Now please take a good look at the many photographs.


Click here to view more photographs

Stunning 9ct Gold Charm Bracelet with 45 Antique and vintage Charms 93.7g

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